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Name:Qingdao Kesong Food Co.,Ltd.
About Us
Qingdao Kesong Food Co., LTD. is a global high-end whip topping factories and is the most professional production equipment manufacturers of whip topping. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO22000 food safety management system certification and QS production license, and obtained entry-exit inspection and quarantine of the People's Republic of China health registration certificate.   The food factory located in QingDa industrial Chengyang area, Qingdao City, has one of 15000 tons of automatic whip toppings production line, 3,500 square meters of modern cream production workshop, specializing in the production of quality and achieve the world advanced level of the name "Mingpai" and "Leader", "Ningxiang" of more than 10 brand whip toppings, sugar-free whip toppings and cake oil, emulsified oil, mold oil, noodles improver, bread emulsifier, bread improver, cake ready-mixed power, salad ready-mixed power, baking powder, powder, Li Tianyang powder, compound emulsified stabilizer and other related restaurant channel products, those are 8 categories of more than 60 varieties. Products are mainly exported to Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Russia, central Asia and other countries and regions.   Company food machinery mainly produce whip topping production line, roof-type milk carton filling machine, the products are mainly exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, India and other countries and regions.   Kesong food will uphold the quality policy of "leading technology, innovation, customer satisfaction," with strict quality, strict management procedure, and constantly develop new products to the market, to provide better service for customers both home and abroad.
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